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Mangrove Kachi Stick Variety
Mangrove charcoal is an tropical Thailand/Indonesia origin derived charcoal, produced from high quality mangrove branches
and trunk wood. Mangrove branches wood charcoal is called as kachi charcoal. Its is also popularly known as stick, tube,
pipe shape type charcoal.

Moisture Content 3-7%
Fixed Carbon > 75 %
Ash 2-8%
Calorific Value > 7,200 kcal/kg
Burning Time 3-5 hours (Depend on type of usage)
Volatile Matter 2-14%
Length 20 cm Grade A
Length 10 cm - 20 cm Grade B
Diameter 2-6 cm
PP Bags New or Used, Carton Boxes, Jute Bags, Plastic Bags

Lump Hardwood Charcoal
Lump Wood Charcoal is widely used in the Restaurant Industry for Grilling Purpose. It has high calorific value, long burning
time and low ash.

Moisture Content 2-6%
Fixed Carbon 75% on dry basis
Ash Content 6% on dry basis
Burning Time 2-4 hours (Depend on type of usage)
Volatile Matter 2-8%
BBQ Garde 3 cm to 10 cm
Restaurant Grade 10 cm to 25 cm
Shisha Grade 2 cm to 5 cm
PP Bags New or Used, Plastic Bags, Jute Bags, Bulk packing, Kraft Paper Bags with customized design

Sawdust Charcoal
Carbonized from the High Density Wood Briquettes. HDWB are made by densification of 100% natural tropical wood
sawdust without any additive or chemical binding agent. It Has 3 Grades: A, B and C respectively. Purest form of
Charcoal hence burning time is comparatively is very high compared with other types.

Moisture Content 2-8%
Fixed Carbon 75-80%
Ash 2-7%
Calorific Valu >7,100 kcal/kg
Burning Time 3-6 Hours (Depend on type of usage)
Volatile Matter 5-8%
Length 15-20 cm
Dimeter 4-5 cm
Hole in middle 1 cm
Carton box with Customized design as per customer, PP Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, Plastic Bags

Coconut Shell Hexagonal Shape Briquettes
Hexagonal Shape Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes is a compact block charcoal which made from coconut shell charcoal.
The charcoal briquette is made of granular coconut shell charcoal that is crushed charcoal mashed and molded using
binder. As fuel, it is hotter, low ash, last longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for household use both indoor
and outdoor. Also, it can be used in food industries, metallurgy, etc.

Moisture Content 2-7%
Fixed Carbon 75-85%
Ash 3-5%
Calorific Value >7,000 kcal/kg
Burning Time 3-5 Hours (Depend on Usage)
Volatile Matter 8-14%
Length 15 cm
Diameter 3-5 Cm
Hole in middle of 1 cm
Carton box with Customized design as per customer, PP Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, Plastic Bags

Pillow Shape Coconut Shell
Pillow shape Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are very popular product in the BBQ Industry. It an Eco Friendly charcoal
as it does not exert harmful gases when burnt. Its suitable for House hold for both Indoor and Outdoor BBQ.

Moisture Maximum 6%
Fixed Carbon 50%
Ash Content 2-6%
Burning Time: 2-4 Hours (Depend on Usage)
Sparkless, Odorless, Easy to Ignite
Calorific Value 6500 kcal/kg
Volatile Matter 8 -10 5
2cm x 2cm x 1cm pillow shape
Kraft Paper and Consumer Bags with customized design, Ready to use product for Supermarket
and Hypermarket chains. PP Bags with bulk loading can be done.

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