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60 - 100% Rubber Content Can be supplied in natural and color as per requirement

Brief Introduction of Product
Rubber Band are also know as elastic band, binder,laggy band etc.
Rubber Bands are manufactured out of natural rubber. Rubber Band comes in variety of sizes and color.

Thailand is the largest rubber producing country in the world with an dominated market of 34% of world production.
Hence the quality which yield out of Thailand is best and long lasting.

Rubber have and 3 basic dimensions length,width,thickness

As per customer requirement

Packing can be done in poly bags ranging from 100 Gms to 2kg and Box Packing ranging from 20 gms to 100 gms

Rubber band is used in various industries following are some listed below
Industrial Use for packing the product
Agriculture use for tie up the harvested vegetables, fruits.
Horticulture and Floriculture industry,
Various Packaging industries
Stationery (Banks,Offices,School

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