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Essentially, dehydrated fruit is simple the same product, less most of the moisture content. Most forms of dehydrated products reduce the amount of moisture to roughly a quarter of the amount found in the fresh variety. What this leaves is a very thin and light food material that retains all the minerals and vitamins.
Removing most of the liquid does not leave a totally dry product. Dehydrated fruit that has only a 25% moisture content will still be somewhat pliable and soft to the touch. In addition, the dehydrated product will be easy to chew and retain just about all the flavor of a fresh counterpart.
There are some dehydrated fruit products that will remove all but three to five percent of the moisture content. Banana chips are an excellent example of this degree of dehydration. The end product still retains a large amount of nutrients, and has the benefit of a crispy texture. As a substitute for high fat snack foods, these crunchy dehydrated fruit options can be a great way to still enjoy an afternoon snack without consuming a lot of empty calories.



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