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Gulf of Thailand has abundance of fish and sea animals. Fresh fish is caught locally, keep in to cold storage and transported immediately straight to the factory for processing. Thailand is a great place for sourcing seafood products such as: fresh tuna fish, shrimp, etc. The frozen seafood market is growing. Frozen fish gain popularity and demands in many countries because of a higher standard of living and exposure to international cuisines.

The Western culture has made an inroad into these countries. So now there is greater awareness for frozen seafood specially fish. Busy lifestyles of the people have increased the demand for convenience food.

Commercially frozen fish has been frozen immediately after the fish is harvested. We pack the frozen fish in close fitting, moisture proof package. So much so, that when thawed, this fish cannot be distinguished from freshly bought fish. Frozen fish can be stored in the deep freeze for six months at zero degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

We provide a wide variety of frozen fish and frozen seafood. Like all our products, our quality control team located at various interlinked local offices, checks out the fish carefully, gives it a customized package and if required we also provide you with your own label.

For every fish variety, our state of the art laboratory checks for germs and micro bacterial organisms and every container is carefully checked before shipment.

The fish is flash frozen within hours of harvesting and packed in moisture free packages and then shipped maintaining the product at almost -15 degrees to -20 degrees F. We use the knowledge and expertise of local people, to give them an edge over other suppliers.

In Thailand, we have fresh seafood both from the sea, from the fresh water stream and from the farm. Shrimp farm is also one of the major industries in Thailand which we have variety of quality shrimp such as black tiger shrimp and white shrimp for your selection.

Kodanmal have a good relationship with many major manufacturers of canned seafood in Thailand who supply many of the large supermarket chains and wholesale food warehouses around the world. We can custom made the mix of ingredients in canned seafood cocktail with packaging in your brand.


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