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Crab meat ranks high on the list of seafood delicacies. Live blue crabs are seasonal and much more plentiful during the warm weather months of the year. Blue crabs are caught and marketed in both the hard-shelled and soft-shelled stages. During the summer months, hard-shelled crabs may be purchased live or cooked in the shell. Crab meat comes in different grades, depending on which part of the crabs body it comes from, usually available in three grades:

Lump Meat - whole lumps from the large body muscles
Flake or Special Meat - small pieces of white meat from the body
Claw Meat - brownish tinged from the claws

Lump Meat or Jumbo lump, also called colossal lump
When it comes from larger crabs, is the meat from the two large muscles connected to the swimming fins. Contrary to other portions of crab meat, it can be used whole. It has a brilliant white color and exquisite taste.

Flake or Special Meat
The special meat are flakes of white meat from the body cavity of the crab. It is generally used for all dishes in which white crab meat is used.

Claw meat
Claw meat is the dark meat that comes from the swimming fins and claws of the crab. It has a stronger taste, and is less expensive then the white grades. It is often used is soups, where the strong taste comes through.

Soft Shelled Crab
The season for soft shelled crab production extends from May through November. They can also be purchased pre-cleaned, individually wrapped and frozen. Properly frozen soft crabs can remain for at least 6 months without harming the texture and flavour. The entire soft shell crab can be fried or grilled.

Fresh crabmeat is very delicate. Make sure crabs are alive when you cook them. It is to be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator, below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It is kept in hermetically sealed containers and sent for heat treatment. This gives it an extended refrigerated shelf life. The seal of a  Pasteurized crab should not be broken and it should be stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus a Pasteurized crab can remain safe up to six months.

Pasteurized crab meat is a very versatile seafood and can be used in cocktails, appetizers, salads and soups.

The price of the meat depends on the size of the pieces. The jumbo lump is the most expensive piece and the claw meat that has a dark color is the least expensive one.

Our product source has pasteurized crab meat, put into hermetically sealed containers and heated at a temperature which destroys all kills micro organisms to extend shelf life. Pasteurization gives a longer shelf life at refrigerated temperatures than non pasteurized products because it removes all kinds of bacteria.

We have extensive procurement operations throughout Asia and a regular flow of market information in order to maximize efficiency and provide our customer with the best price and the best quality product. We look forward to your orders, so we can build up a good and healthy business relationship with you.


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