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Squid are a large, diverse group of marine cephalopods. Like all cephalopods, squid are distinguished by having a distinct head, bilateral symmetry, a mantle, and arms. Squid, like cuttlefish, have eight arms and two tentacles arranged in pairs.

Many species of squid are popular as food in cuisines as diverse as Korean and Italian. In English-speaking countries, it is often known by the name calamari. Individual species of squid are found abundantly in certain areas and provide large catches for fisheries. The body can be stuffed whole, cut into flat pieces or sliced into rings. The arms, tentacles and ink are also edible; in fact, the only parts of the squid that are not eaten are its beak and gladius.

Net weight : 200, 425, 850 gms

Whole Clean Cuttlefish (Sepia spp.)

  • Whole Round
  • Whole Clean Cuttlefish
  • Fillets
  • Fillets Matsukasa (Blanched or Raw)

Baby Octopus (Octopus spp.)

  • Whole Cleaned
  • Inkless & Gutted

Giant Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris)

  • Whole Eviscerated (Ball or Pin-Wheel packed)

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