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Bangkok is the fashion centre of Asia, and we bring the best of the city’s fashion world to clients around the world. Our clothing collection is assembled to provide you with a selection of high quality, unique designs in fabric combinations that are always in keeping with the latest fashion trends.

Fabric Sourcing
Quality fabric sourcing is necessary to complete a production plan. We are serious about high quality fabrics sourcing as well as on time delivery. We give preference first to our customer when they choose a reliable source of fabrics. Over the years we have located and built good relationships with local production and import fabric sources.

Sampling is very important, as is having prior idea of the order. We take the sample process very seriously. We will work from computer samples, drawings, or specifications. The more information you can provide below, the better the sample will be:

- Sample size and after shrink specifications
- Fabric type, content and weight
- Desired colors
- Size range
- Label type, placement and who supplies
- Packaging requirements
- Estimated initial order quantity

Once the pre-cost is approved we will, at your direction, make the first samples. We will produce four samples, two for internal testing and evaluation and two for you. One sample is to be wash-tested and the other used as an approval sample.

We have a variety of baby clothing designs and our tie-dye items. We have our own in-house tie-dye (hand made) facility, yet our processes are delicately carried out to ensure the colour fixing property as well as the softness of the finish items.

Our items for boys include fashion set pieces as well as single items such as shorts, Bermudas, Hawaii-shirt, dress-shirt range from 1 to 15 years.

We are especially proud of our experiences in clothing for girls. Our products suit new-borns up to 10 year olds. Our stocks are sold in dozens with minimum quantity of purchase of 12 pieces/style. Our staff can arrange a mode of delivery for customers at request.

We make both teenager items for boys and girls with size ranges from 8 to 16 years. For this group, our products are usually in single piece and are very fashionable and quite elaborate.

You're welcome to visit our showroom to see updated product designs


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