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Kodanmal Group Co. Ltd. introduced its innovative project in 2007 with both style and the environment in mind. Set in the hills of Maenam, Aqualina Samui has all the components of a project truly set apart from all the rest.

Aqualina features Eighteen luxury villas in total with two and three bedroom units all designed to blend into the hillside by way of combining nature with function. With roofs designed to extend all the way to the ground and constructed with planters and systems of recycling run off water, this development is set to create a strong visual impression and has already been branded iconic.

While plans were developing for the project, it was imperative for the developers to incorporate all the components to make this project extraordinary. As a result, they have teamed up with one of the most reputable architectural firms in the industry - GFab. Based in Bali, the firm was founded by British architect Gary Fell in 1999 who originally came to the region as project architect for the Four Seasons Sayan (Ubud). The firm have projects all over Asia including Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Thailand and will soon include India. Among these are some high profile accomplishments .

With the belief that all their buildings should be intimately linked to the site they are built on and also include energy efficient attributes. These considerations are apparent in some of the firm's previous projects which display progressive designs leading to ultra-contemporary buildings. Features include partially buried residences with rooftop gardens, natural ventilation systems and pools designed to absorb heat, as well as evaporative courtyard pools. All these specialist methods and techniques have gained the firm a reputation for success in modern eco-design.

Jackiy Ramani, managing director of Kodanmal Group Co. Ltd. was raised and based in Bangkok and has enjoyed a 23-year working career in Thailand, India, Dubai, Singapore and China. He is the CEO of the Ramani group of companies, which handles residential construction, import-export trading, and garment manufacture.

Plot sizes range from 600-650 square meters for the two-bedroom villas and 750-1100 square meters for the three-bedroom villas and included in the purchase price is a thirty-year registered leasehold with two successive thirty year renewals and a freehold option over the land, villa construction, built in furniture, private swimming pool, landscaping and decks.

These chic eco-villas are located within a secure gated community close to all of Samui's amenities. The development will also offer five star services such as personal chefs and concierge service for rentals, as well as full property management options with teams available to supervise, administer and manage the villas from a management office right on site.

With all of this in mind, Aqualina is being packaged as the new definition of lifestyle living. The team is eager to welcome a new breed of clients attracted by the sleek, modern, iconic design that is unmistakably Aqualina.

Kodanmal’s partners are currently working on a breakthrough real estate project on Koh Samui. For more details of this innovative project, please visit www.aqualinasamui.com

"Specialist methods and techniques have gained the firm a reputation for success in
modern eco-design."

"These chic eco-villas are located within a secure gated community close to all of Samui's amenities."


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